Draft Minutes

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Pencombe Group Parish Council held on
Tuesday 22nd January 2019
Pencombe & Little Cowarne Parish Hall at 7.30pm

Councillors Present
Cllr Tony Brazier (Chairman)
Cllr John Barrett
Cllr Tony French
Cllr Phil Hope
Cllr Chris Hayes
In Attendance
Cllr Bruce Baker (Ward Councillor)
Jennifer Eva (Parish Clerk)
Members of the Public: 4

190/19 Apologies for absence

RESOLVED: No apologies for absence were received.

191/19 Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation.

RESOLVED: that there were no declarations of interest or requests for dispensations.

192/19 Draft minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 27th November 2018.
RESOLVED: that the draft minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman as a true record.

193/19 Action Tracker Update

RESOLVED: that members noted the updates on the Action Tracker, as below;
• 155/18 (NDP email) – CLOSED.
• 184.4/18 (winter salt) – the Clerk is in ongoing talks with HC.

194/19 Open Session
194.1/19 Verbal update on Herefordshire Council matters from Cllr Bruce Baker.

194.2/19 Queries and concerns raised by local residents on parish matters
• A resident enquired whether the Parish Council would consider registering both public houses, Wheelwrights Arms and The Three Horseshoes Inn, assets of community value.
RESOLVED: for members to defer this to the next meeting in order to approach representatives of both establishments and seek the opinion of local residents.

194.3/19 Parish Hall User Survey
Andrew Mottram presented the results of the survey, delivered to residents of the parish and
the following headlines were highlighted;

• More than 20% response rate.
• A lot of support for improving the kitchen, bar, china and outdoor lighting.
• A lot of support to see Hall improvements funded from the Parish Precept.
• Potential to increase Hall usage but it requires improvement to facilities.
• Issue of accessibility needs consideration.

RESOLVED: for the Clerk to circulate the full results to members and upload a link to the Parish Council website.
195/19 Finance Update
195.1/19 HSBC bank balances
Members were informed that the Bank Balances as at 22/01/2019 were as follows:-
• Community Account £ 1,356
• Business Money Manager Account £20,448.73.
195.2/19 Members noted the spend against budget – one payment made from the Community Account
since last meeting to HMRC at £176.78.
195.3/19 Members noted the income received/due:
No. Name Amount £ Details
1 M.H 110.00 Exclusive Right of Burial fee

195.4/19 To consider and authorise payments due:
No. Name Amount £ Details
1 Clerks Salary Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan
2 HMRC £176.78 PAYE Oct – Jan
3 Autela Group Ltd £50.49 Inc. £8.42 vat Payroll set up
PC Payroll (Oct, Nov, Dec)
HMRC EPS Submission
4 HALC £132 Inc. £22.00 vat Website hosting & domain name (Jul 17 – Jun 18) (Jul 18 – Jun 19)

195.5/19 Draft budget/Precept report 2019/20.

After a lengthy discussion members agreed to the following;

1) To increase the annual grass cutting to 8 cuts and raise that budget to £2,500.
2) To carryover £2,500 from 2018/19 budget for Parish Hall Improvement – for use in 2019
3) To agree the draft budget – with the amendment as per the increase to grass cutting.
4) To set the Precept for 2019/20 at £12,500.

196/19 Cemetery Update
Mrs Hodges (former Clerk) voluntarily updated all of the cemetery paperwork by uploading all the files and records on to a spreadsheet, issuing Exclusive Rights of Burial (EROB) and preparing detailed desk instructions for handover to the new Clerk. As previously reported there are a number of years in which EROB were not issued – this is now clearly defined in the records.
196.1/19 Several EROBs were signed by two Councillors and the Clerk.
196.2/19 Members were asked to consider permitting a local widow to erect a single headstone in the
middle of a double plot.
RESOLVED: to allow the headstone to be erected on her husband’s grave with the intention of moving it to cover both plots in the future.

197/19 Defibrillator – Little Cowarne & Sparrington Update
The Parish Council previously agreed to part fund half of the cost towards the purchase and installation of both defibrillators, in the hope that local events/donations would be arranged to match fund the remaining amount – approximately £1000 required per defibrillator.
• Little Cowarne defibrillator
Mrs Hodges confirmed that the landlady at the Three Horseshoes public house has kindly agreed to help fundraise towards the purchase of a defibrillator at Little Cowarne.
• Sparrington defibrillator
£100 donation has been offered by a local resident towards the purchase of the defibrillator. Councillors will make enquiries with residents of Sparrington about future fundraising ideas.
198/19 Planning Applications

RESOLVED: that there were no applications to consider.

199/19 Rural and Business Crime Officer – Paul Crumpton

RESOLVED: to invite Paul Crumpton along to give a presentation on the prevention of rural crime at the Parish Meeting on 9th April 2019.

200/19 Items for Information
• To consider registering the two local public houses as Assets of Community Value.
• Little Cowarne and Sparrington defibrillators.

201/19 Date of next meeting
Tuesday 26th February 2019, 7.30pm at Pencombe & Little Cowarne Parish Hall.

The meeting closed at 9.25pm