Draft Minutes

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Pencombe Group Parish Council held on
Tuesday 26th March 2019
Pencombe & Little Cowarne Parish Hall at 7.30pm

Councillors Present;
Cllr T. Brazier (Chairman)
Cllr J. Barrett
Cllr C. Hayes

In Attendance: Cllr B. Baker (Ward Councillor) and J. Eva (Parish Clerk)

Members of the Public: 4

216/19 Apologies for absence
RESOLVED: apologies of absence were received from Cllrs P. Hope and T. French.

217/19 Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation
RESOLVED: no declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation were received.

218/19 Draft minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 26th February 2019
RESOLVED: the draft minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman as a true record.

219/19 Action tracker update
RESOLVED: the action tracker was updated.

220/19 Open session:
220.1/19 Ward Councillor B. Baker gave a brief verbal update on issues relating to the Parish.
220.2/19 To receive queries or concerns by local residents on parish matters.
220.2.1/19 The parish noticeboard is no longer weatherproof and the notices get damp and mouldy. A resident proposed the board could be relocated to the bus shelter, where it would be protected from the elements but still visible for readers… members has no objection to this proposal.
220.2.2/19 Churchyard bench – the arm of one of the benches needs to be repaired.
220.3/19 Parish Hall – contractors inspected the Parish Hall roof and will provide quotations for repair.

– The decision to relocate the board is deferred until after the Parish Meeting on 9th April.
– K. Hodges to have two more keys cut for the board – A. Mottram volunteered to monitor
the board and remove any old notices as required, excluding Council ones.
– the Clerk to make enquires with John Easton regarding the bench repairs.

Cllr Bruce Baker left the meeting.

221/19 Finance – to receive an update.
221.1/19 HSBC bank balances
Members were informed that the Bank Balances as at 26/03/2019 were as follows:-
• Community Account: £1,272.84
• Business Money Manager Account: £18,957.72

221.2/19 To note income received/due.
It was noted that the Clerk will deposit two cheques for EROB’s to the bank.

221.3/19 To consider authorise payments due and note payments made since last meeting;
Payments due
No. Name Amount £ Details
1 Clerks Salary March19
2 HALC £406.60 HALC affiliation fee £180.00 ex vat
HALC subscription fee £135.20 ex vat
NALC subscription fee £23.63 ex vat

RESOLVED: that the payments above are approved.
Payment made via bacs
No. Name Amount £ Details
1 AC Garden Services £310.00 Grass cutting (1st cut of 19/20)

RESOLVED: that the above payments are approved.
222/19 Cemetery Update
222.1/19 EROBs
Two EROBs for plots 90 and 78 were duly signed by the Chairman, Councillor Hayes and the Clerk.

223/19 Lengthsman/Grass Cutting
Members noted that the first cut of 2019/20 took place on Friday 8th March (cut 1/8).

224/19 Defibrillators – Little Cowarne & Sparrington
K. Hodges reported that the fundraising event at the Three Horse Shoes Inn was a great success. Money raised will help towards the installation of the Little Cowarne defibrillator – this will be match funded by the Council.
Councillors expressed their thanks to Janet and Norman of the Three Horseshoes Inn for arranging this fantastic community event.
RESOLVED: the Clerk to confirm the total cost of the defibrillator with K. Hodges.

225/19 Parish Meeting Update on 9th April
– Paul Crumpton, West Mercia Police, to present a talk on the Prevention of Rural Crime.
– Councillors to meet with residents and talk to them about ongoing work in the Parish.
– Cllr Baker will attend.
– The Parish Hall committee to discuss their refurbishment plans with residents.
– A. Mottram has agreed to provide refreshments on the evening – Parish Council to
reimburse costs for this.
– The event has been advertised on the Parish Council website and posters around the

225/19 Agenda items for discussion at next meeting.
Councillors are asked to forward any items for discussion to the Clerk in good time before
the next meeting.

226/19 The date of next meeting is 23th April 2019, 7.30pm.