Draft Minutes

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Pencombe Group Council held on

Tuesday 25th June 2019

Pencombe & Little Cowarne Parish Hall, 7.30pm


Councillors Present;
Cllr. T. Brazier (Chairman)
Cllr. J. Barrett
Cllr. P. Hope

Cllr. D. Legge


In Attendance: Allan Drew (Parish Clerk)


Members of the Public:  Andrew Mottram (Chairman of Trustees, Parish Hall)

Susan Drew (Treasurer, Parish Hall)


253/19        Apologies for absence
Apologies of absence had been received from Cllrs. Hadley and Hayes


254/19        Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation
No declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation were received.


255/19        Draft minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on 21st May 2019
the draft minutes were available but had not been seen by all Councillors. It was decided that agreement and signing of these minutes would be deferred to the next meeting.

256/19        Action Tracker.

                   The action tracker was not up to date. The clerk undertook to re-start the tracker and update it appropriately.                                                                                           Action: Clerk


257/19        Open session:

257.1/19     No update was given by the Ward Councillor, John Harrington, who was not present.

257.2/19     To receive queries or concerns by local residents on parish matters.

257.2.1/19  No queries or concerns were raised by residents.  However, Councillors had received comments prior to the meeting from interested residents regarding grass cutting particularly about preserving the wild flowers on the bank outside the Hall.  It was agreed that the bank would not be cut by the Council Contractor other than to maintain a tidy appearance (e.g. around the letter box and a narrow strip by the road).  The Chairman undertook to update the Contractor at his next meeting with them.                                     Action: Chairman

257.2.2/19  The Chairman had also raised the issue of hanging branches with the Contractor and had received a quote of £150 (including the use of a locally owned chipper) to trim the branches.  It was agreed that the quote was reasonable and the Contractor was authorised to proceed with the work.                                                                                 Action: Chairman




257.2.3/19  Parish defibrillators

The clerk informed Council that the order for the Little Cowarne defibrillator had now been placed.  However, the Sparrington defibrillator position was less clear and the clerk undertook to progress the provision of the Sparrington facility as quickly as possible.  Cllr. Barrett requested a brief update on progress on the Sparrington case.           Action: Clerk


257.3/19     Parish Hall update.
Andrew Mottram, Chairman of the Parish Hall Trustees had placed a number of items on the agenda for discussion and agreement where necessary-


257.3.1/19  Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

                   The MoU laying out the responsibilities of the Hall Trustees and the Parish Council (as holding Trustee) had been developed and agreed during 2018. However, it had not been signed by either party and Chairman of Trustees requested final sign off by himself and the Council. The Chairman signed on behalf of the Council and it was agreed that the MoU would be reviewed in June 2020.


257.3.2/19  Update on Hall kitchen project and electricity supply.

The Hall treasurer (acting as project manager) gave a progress update on the renewal of the Hall kitchen. Work is scheduled to start in late July and to complete by end of August.  The total budget is £11,300 including £1500 for materials.  However, a key issue had been identified by the project in that the current Hall electricity supply is inadequate for the combined kitchen and Hall requirements.  (A recent event was unable to completely cook food using the Hall facilities due to electrical overload).  Western Power had provided a quotation of £900+VAT for increasing the supply from 24kVA to 40kVA and after further discussion the Council agreed that it would fund this aspect of the project.         Action: Council


257.3.3/19  Request for financial guarantee from Council (as holding trustee)

The Trustees’ Chairman stated that the Hall now held sufficient funds to complete the kitchen project to the required standard.  However, as in any renewal project there could be unforeseen expenditure and there was very little room in the budget should problems arise.  The Trustees’ Chairman requested that the Council would be prepared to be guarantor for any overspend which the project could incur.  The Council was sympathetic to this request and it was agreed that the Council would be guarantor for any essential overspend.  The decision whether to provide funds either as a grant or a loan would be made if the necessity should arise.                                                                                                           Decision: Council


257.3.4/19  Repairs to external railings and fencing.

The steep banks to the south of the Hall are protected by post and rail fences which are deteriorating to the point where safety of Hall users could be compromised.  Although some temporary repair work has been carried out, more extensive repairs are necessary.  The Trustees’ Chairman undertook to provide quotations for the remedial work.

                                                                                         Action: Trustees’Chairman


257.3.5/19Maintenance of steep bank between Hall access steps and the school

There was discussion about the best method of controlling the stubborn weeds on the bank.  It was agreed that a suitable weed killer might work well. The Chairman undertook to identify a suitable product and liaise with Cllr. Barrett about supply and application.

Action: Chairman


258/19        Finance – to receive an update.

258.1/19     HSBC bank balances

Members were informed that the bank balances on 22/05/2019 were as follows:-

  • Community Account: £7,714.60
  • Business Money Manager Account: £18,057.72


258.2/19     To note income received/due.
No receipts during the month


258.3/19     To consider and authorise payments due and note payments made since last meeting;

Payments due

No. Name Amount £ Details
1 HMRC PAYE £68.00  
2 Eyelid Productions £100.00 Parish Council website annual hosting
3 Information Commissioner’s Office £35.00 Annual registration fee.  Now to be paid by direct debit with a saving of £5 p.a.




RESRESOLVED: members approved the above payments due.

Payments made since last meeting

No. Name Amount £ Details
1 BHIB £213.01 Annual insurance premium
2 HFDS NNDR £57.00 Non domestic rates
3 Target Roofing £3,000.00 Roofing repairs to Parish Hall



RESOLVED: that the payments above are approved.


                   RESOLVED: members noted the above payments made since the last meeting.


259/19        Planning applications/decisions

No planning matters had been brought to the clerk’s attention since the previous meeting


260/19        Lengthsman scheme
                   There had been no activity under the Lengthsman scheme since the previous meeting


261/19        Matters raised for discussion by previous meeting

261.1/19     The newly appointed clerk informed the meeting that he had been unable to access the bank account as yet and HSBC had withdrawn the previous clerk sign in authority.  A request for authorisation had been lodged with HSBC, but meanwhile the annual accounts could not be produced.  The clerk said he would progress the bank access as quickly as possible and if appropriate would ask Councillors to arrange an extraordinary meeting to sign off the end of year compliance statements.   Action: Clerk


261.2/19     Cllr. Hayes in absentia had raised the loss of the white priority markings on the Risbury Rd. junction outside Pencombe church.  These markings had previously been present.  The clerk undertook to raise the matter with Highways.                                                                                                Action: Clerk




262/19        The date of next meeting is Tuesday 23rd July 2019, at 7.30pm


The meeting closed at 8.40pm.


Signed…………………………………. Chairman of the Parish Council


Dated …………………………………..