Draft Minutes


Draft Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Pencombe Group Council held on

Tuesday 26th November 2019

Pencombe & Little Cowarne Parish Hall, 7.30pm


Councillors Present;
Cllr. T. Brazier (Chairman)
Cllr. C Hayes
Cllr. P. Hope

Cllr. C. Hadley

Cllr. D. Legge

Cllr. J. Barrett


In Attendance: Cllr. J. Harrington Hampton Ward,  Allan Drew (Parish Clerk)


Members of the Public:  Andrew Mottram (Chairman of Trustees, Parish Hall)

Susan Drew (Treasurer, Parish Hall)


309/19        Apologies for absence
None – all members present


310/19        Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation
No declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation were received.


311/19        Draft minutes of the previous meeting on 29th October 2019

The Chairman signed the draft minutes as a true record of the meeting


312/19        Action Tracker.

The Clerk reported 3 actions remaining open.  These were 272/19 – resident views on the NDP, 280/19 – involving the footpath officer regarding the loss of the footpath to the Parish Hall from the churchyard and 300/19 – Council to decide the way forward on the NDP  All of these actions are tied in with current Council discussions and will be closed as these discussions progress




313/19        Open session:

313.1/19     Cllr. Harington presented his update and specifically addressed the Council’s concerns regarding drainage around the villages. Herefordshire has made available £250k for matched funding projects to deal with drainage related problems following the unprecedented rainfall of recent months.  There was also a desire to fund the Lengthsman scheme for day to day maintenance but details had not yet been fully agreed.  Colin Smith the BBLP Location Steward would be asked to contact us to assist with the detail of drainage projects which involve BBLP.

Herefordshire is applying for funding to create new bus services including the possible use of the Citi Hoppa style service to provide short distance transport within the city.  Another transport initiative under active discussion (with Monmouth council) is the re-opening of the railway station at Pontrilas (closed in 1958), midway between Newport and Hereford, and there is growing support for this initiative.

The core strategy review has started and an early key proposal is to re-start council house building

In other development news all development in the Lugg and Frome (includes Pencombe & Little Cowarne) catchment areas has been halted due to excess nitrates and sewage in the area. A plan to tackle the problem is needed to lift the development ban.  Welsh Water is building more reed beds to filter sewage.

Following county wide complaints about the work carried out by Complete Utilities, Cllr. Harrington provided the phone number of the Chief Executive – Ashley Stevens – for concerned residents to contact him.  The number is 07790 915162.

Finally a proposal to build a roundabout at the A417/A49 junction is being considered.  There was support from Council for this proposal to be carried forward given the high level of congestion often experienced on the A417.

313.2/19     No local residents were present and no issues had been raised by residents for discussion.  There was no update on the Two Hoots farm digester issue although a recent discussion with Lucy Bond implied that a new application for revised planning consent could be the outcome.


314/19        Parish Hall update

Council noted the completion of the external post and rail fencing around the Hall and the work is to a good standard.

Andrew Mottram raised his concerns about the amount of water flowing around the base of the Hall during recent periods of heavy rainfall.  He was concerned that the foundations could be undermined and was considering informing the Hall insurers.  After some discussion Council members who had been present when the Hall was built recalled that the foundations were very deep and it was extremely unlikely that they would be adversely affected by surface flowing water. However, it had been noted that the school playing field was often very wet and that running a drain from the field could be helpful to both the field and the Hall.


315/19        Finance – to receive an update.

315.1/19     HSBC bank balances

Members were informed that the bank balances on 22/11/2019 were as follows:-

  • Community Account: £1666.80
  • Business Money Manager Account: £18,077.50


315.2/19     To note income received/due.
From the Parish Hall – loan repayment – £62.50

315.3/19        To consider and authorise payments due and note payments made since last


Payments due

No. Name Amount £ Details
1 A M Drew   Clerk’s salary for November
2 JRM (Fencing) 525.12 Fencing materials for Parish Hall
3 J A Reece 695.00 Labour for Parish Hall fencing





Council signed cheques for item 2 & 3 and agreed the clerk make internet banking payments for item 1.  Council also agreed that regular monthly payments such as the clerk’s salary and HMRC payments could be deemed authorised for the future.


316/19        Planning applications/decisions

No planning matters had been brought to the clerk’s attention since the previous meeting


317/19        Lengthsman scheme
No new issues were raised for discussion.  Council noted the initiatives mentioned in Cllr. Harrington’s update.

NOTE; Subsequent to the November meeting the Chairman concluded that the state of the drains protecting the village had become critical and it was possible that heavy rainfall could cause flooding.  On the Chairman’s instruction the clerk wrote to all councillors on 30th November requesting authority to commission 5 day’s work to the value of £1000 from the longstanding Council Lengthsman M A Walshe & Sons.  All councillors replied to the letter in the affirmative so the clerk is satisfied that this expenditure is properly authorised.


318/19        Setting the Precept for 2020-21

Council agreed the precept for the coming financial year and the clerk was instructed to submit the precept to Herefordshire.  This was duly submitted and acknowledged on 8th December.  It was agreed that Council would hold an open meeting in 2020 to inform residents about the structure of the precept and the projects which it would support


319/19        Matters raised for next meeting.

No issues were raised for discussion but the clerk was actioned to update Mr Bloxsome on the NDP position and to check with HALC if funding was available for NDP development

Action: Clerk


The date of next meeting is Tuesday 28th January 2020, at 7.30pm


The meeting closed at 9.35pm.


Signed…………………………………. Chairman of the Parish Council


Dated …………………………………..