Draft Minutes

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Pencombe Group Parish Council
Tuesday 27th November 2018
Pencombe & Little Cowarne Parish Hall at 7.30pm

Councillors Present
Cllr Tony Brazier (Chairman)
Cllr John Barrett
Cllr Tony French
Cllr Phil Hope
Cllr Chris Hayes
In Attendance
Cllr Bruce Baker (Ward Councillor)
Jennifer Eva (Parish Clerk)
Members of the Public: 4

179/18 To receive and consider apologies for absence
No apologies for absence were received.

180/18 To receive declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation.
There were no declarations of interest or requests for dispensations.

181/18 Members received and approved the minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 23rd October 2018
RESOLVED: the minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman as a true record.

182/18 Members noted the updates on the Action Tracker, as below;
• 81/6/18 b (emergency co-ordinators) – COMPLETED.
• 82.2/18b (grass cutting) – COMPLETED.
• 155/18 (NDP) – ONGOING.

183/18 Open Session
183.1/18 Members received a verbal update from Cllr Bruce Baker – Ward Councillor
• HCC Parish Liaison and Rural Services Officer Anthony Bush recently retired from the post.
• HCC Planning – Application P173369/F – Sparrington Farm – REFUSED.
• HCC Parish Council Summit (Oct 2018) – very well received and well attended. Plans are in place to hold another summit in January 2019.
• Domestic Abuse – cases in the county are above average.
• Ofsted Inspection (June 2018) – HCC Children and Young Peoples scrutiny committee works on issues raised in the inspection.

183.2/18 Members received queries/concerns by local residents on parish matters
• Will there be any Section 106 funds available following the development of 4 houses in Pencombe?
• Winter snow clearance – which contractors cover the Pencombe area?
Cllr Baker to make enquiries and report back to the next Council meeting in January 2019.
Cllr Baker left the meeting.

183.3/18 Members received a verbal update on the Parish Hall – repairs/kitchen
• Roof repairs; a trustee of the hall is arranging for contractors to inspect the roof and provide quotations for the work – aiming to do the repairs in Spring 2019.
• Resident survey – questionnaire produced to canvass local opinion on the hall i.e. usage, current/future activities, condition of facilities, fundraising, and if residents would support an increase in their annual precept to support the running costs of the hall for 2019/2020.
Members suggested including an explanation of the precept and a breakdown of the payment per household for understanding – if the survey results are in favour of precept support this must be submitted to the Parish Council by the 11th January 2019, complete with figures.
Hardcopies of the questionnaire are to be distributed by-hand and electronically via email, including copies from the Clerk to those subscribed to the Parish newsletter.

184/18 Finance Update
184.1/18 HSBC bank balances
Members were informed that the Bank Balances as at 27/11/2018 were as follows:-
• Community Account £ 1,532.78
• Business Money Manager Account £20,439.58
184.2/18 Members noted the spend against budget
The Parish Council noted the update, as presented at the meeting.
184.3/18 Members noted the income received/due:
No. Name Amount £ Details
1 J. A 30.00 Transfer fee for Deed of Exclusive Right

184.4/18 To consider payments:

1) Members considered outsourcing monthly payroll to Autela, as advised by HALC.
2) Members to consider purchasing replacement pads for the Parish Hall defibrillator.
No. Name Amount £ Details
1 Autela £16.25
£7.50 (every 3 years) Payroll per month
Set-up fee
Pension reg. sub
2 G3 Pads £40.00 (approx.) Replacement pads for the Parish Hall defibrillator
3 HCC £120.00 Winter Salt (1 ton bag)

1) It was agreed to outsource monthly payroll.
2) Members were informed that pads were purchased and installed by another source –
the Clerk to check and confirm this is correct.
3) It was agreed to purchase a 1 ton bag of winter salt.

185/18 Cemetery Update
i) Mrs Hodges (former Clerk) has recorded the information contained within the cemetery index
books into a digital format.
ii) Mrs Hodges requested permission to purchase a batch of good quality cream card for the printing of future Deed of Grant documents.
iii) Two plots reserved by a local family have not yet been paid for.
ii) this request was accepted.
iii) Mrs Hodges to write to the family to ensure the correct documentation is in place and
to request payment for the outstanding Exclusive Right of Burial fees.

186/18 Defibrillator – Little Cowarne & Sparrington Update
Members were asked to consider a request to support the siting of a defibrillator in Little Cowarne. A paper, previously circulated, was tabled outlining purchase options, costs, maintenance, insurance electricity, training and links with the Ambulance Service.
The Landlady of the Three Horseshoes public house agreed for the defibrillator to be sited on the side of the pub (near a pull in) and has offered to cover the costs of electricity. Advice received recommends that the Council accepts the risk if the current or future owner of the building ever requests the removal of the defibrillator.
A discussion ensued and members agreed to the following defibrillator options;
• Little Cowarne – to opt for the WM Ambulance Service scheme.
• Sparrington – to opt for the Community Heartbeat Trust (managed solution) scheme.
RESOLVED: members agreed to match fund both defibrillators provided that the
remainder of the costs are covered by local community fundraising events.

187/18 Planning Applications
P183631/FH, The Heath, Little Cowarne – proposed single storey courtyard infill.
P183748/F, Shortwood, Pencombe – building 1 from agricultural machinery store to workshop for the maintenance and repair of farm machinery and equipment. Building 2 from agricultural storage to machinery retailing division including new mezzanine floor. New two storey modular office.
RESOLVED: members had no objections to the above applications.

188/18 Items for Information
• Defibrillators – fundraising plans
• Budget – 2019/20 precept
• Residents Survey Results
189/18 Date of next meeting Tuesday 22nd January 2019, 7.30pm at Pencombe & Little Cowarne
Parish Hall

The meeting closed at 9.40pm