Minutes – 22nd August 2017

Minutes of the Pencombe Group Parish Council meeting held on 22nd August 2017 at Pencombe & Little Cowarne Parish Hall, commencing at 8.00pm.

57/17 To receive and consider apologies for absence:
a. Apologies were received from Councillor Phil Hope [PH].
b. Those present were:

  • Councillor Tony Brazier [TB] (Chairman)
  • Councillor Tony French [TF] (Vice-Chairman)
  • Councillor Chris Hayes [CH]
  • Councillor Anthony Legge [AL]
  • Councillor Bruce Baker [BB]
  • Karen Hodges [KH] (Parish Clerk)
  • Andrew Mottram [AM] (Pencombe & Little Cowarne Parish Hall Representative & Member of the public)
  • Mo Willcocks [MW] (Pencombe & Little Cowarne Parish Hall Representative & Member of the public)
  • Jem Thompson-Phelan [JTP] (Pencombe School Governor & Member of the public)

58/17 To receive Declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation:
a. There were none received.

59/17 Open session:
59.1/17 To receive a verbal update from the Ward Councillor:

a. BB advised that he is continuing to report the state of the C1114. BB has met with Balfour Beatty and has been on a ward visit with the Locality Steward, Matt Healey to highlight the road issues and will continue to report to ensure action is taken.
b. Research has identified a need in Herefordshire for more authorised and temporary stopping places for Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Show people. Views are currently being sought for possible sites and options will be submitted to the Council for approval shortly.
c. The Council Tax Reduction Scheme is currently being reviewed and will be completed shortly.
d. A review is to be carried out on charges for library services.
e. A review is to be carried out on adult social care funding. It was noted that more that 50% of the Council budget is spent on this and childcare costs. Following a discussion regarding childcare costs it was noted that there is no single average or accurate weekly costs for a looked after child. The costs for each child depend on the nature of their needs and the placement identified to meet them. As a rough average, a child in local authority foster placement costs £307 per week, a child in an independent fostering agency placement costs £692 per week, and for residential care it is c.£4000 per week. There are a very small number of complicated young people in residential care, each with a tailor made package which will be reflected in their costs. In addition there is a cost for support and monitoring for statutory duties Council staff have to perform.
f. There is a proposal for a partnership with Shropshire for supported accommodation for 16/17 year olds which is being looked into.
g. A renewal of the family mentoring service is due.

59.2/17 To receive queries or concerns by local residents on parish matters:
a. Dog fouling – It was noted that this is now a major issue within the village, particularly on the Causeway and the churchyard. It was suggested to contact the Hereford Council Waste Services team to explore what assistance they can offer.
ACTION: KH to explore options and report at the next meeting.
b. It was noted that several residents had commented on the standard of works carried out by Lewis during the recent Welsh Water works.
ACTION: KH to write a letter of thanks.

60/17 To adopt the minutes of the previous meeting – 25th July 2017:
a. The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed as being an accurate record of what took place.

61/17 To receive an update on the action points of the previous meeting:
a. Re: 48/17b – Outstanding. KH is still to provide feedback to David Mann at Parallel Lines regarding the standard of grass cutting in Little Cowarne and Pencombe churchyards.
ACTION: KH to provide feedback.
b. Re: 48/17c – Outstanding. KH is still to complete the VAT reclaim.
ACTION: KH to complete the VAT reclaim.
c. Re: 38/17g – Outstanding. KH is still to explore the Public Spaces Protection Order: Dog Control in relation to the causeway and item 59.2/17a
d. Re: 49.4/17a – Complete. The bank mandate change request form was signed and sent to HSBC on 08/08/2017. KH confirmed that the form has been received by HSBC but is still being processed.
e. Re: 49.5/17a – Complete. The internet banking form was completed and presented to HSBC on 08/08/2017. The security device and authorisation code has been received but the welcome letter is still to arrive. KH will action as soon as it is received.
f. Re: 51.2/17a – Complete. Please see 63/17.

62/17 Finance:
62.1/17 HSBC bank balances & spend against budget:
a. Community a/c (as at 22/07/2017) = £13547.20
b.. Business Money Manager a/c (as at 22/06/2017) = £3081.11
c. KH presented the actual spend against budget to date.

62.2/17 To note income received/due:
a. Emma Bouston Funeral Services Ltd = £280.00 received for the internment of Roger William Wood on 18th August 2017.

62.3/17 To consider payments due:
a. Eyelid Productions Ltd = £500.00 for website creation and initial training. It was noted that a £500.00 grant has previously been received for this.
b. Parallel Lines = £338.00 for the August groundwork’s.
c. RESOLVED: It was agreed for all payments to be made.

63/17 Website:
a. KH confirmed that the website is now live but it is not ready to be publicised as it needs further work.
b. KH will receive training on 15th September so will make the relevant amendments following this.
c. Those present were encouraged to subscribe so thoughts could be considered at the next meeting.

64/17 To receive an update on the Pencombe & Little Cowarne Parish Hall AGM:
a. CH attended the meeting on behalf of the Parish Council and reported the following:
b. Finance:
• £700.00 was raised at the recent fundraising ‘American Evening’ – thanks were given to all those who helped and attended.
• Income was down due mainly to the movement of Pencombe Under 5’s to Pencombe School and loss of hire fees.
• The caretaker costs have reduced as a result of this but the running costs remain the same.
c. Maintenance:
• There have been no major maintenance carried out with the last year
• The wooden fascia is due to be replaced shortly.
• The wall under the hatch also needs looking at.
• The upgrade of the kitchen is to be fully scoped and all user groups will be consulted before December to fully ascertain need and to get quotes.
d. Users:
• An issue has arisen with the school use of the hall. A meeting between interested parties will be arranged to discuss further.
e. Website:
• A new website has been launched – www.plcph.co.uk.
f. Bookings Clerk:
• The bookings clerk has resigned so the committee are looking for a new one to be based in Pencombe and are also considering the caretaker/cleaner role.
g. Ownership & Management:
• It was confirmed that Pencombe Group Parish Council owns the hall. They also own the freehold for the site, as long as the building remains as the parish hall. Should the parish hall close then the site would return to the previous owner, Mr Roberts.
• The Parish Hall Management Committee runs the building and is a charitable organisation.
• It was noted that the main user groups are invited to at least three meetings per year.

65/17 Pencombe Cemetery:
65.1/17 To receive an update on the current state of the cemetery:
a. Following the recent request for an internment KH advised that the cemetery paperwork needs reviewing to ensure the plan is accurate and that the notice of internment form and scale of fees needs reviewing.
b. TB advised that the fence between the burial ground and the field which is rented by PH needs renewing, and the hedge also needs cutting.
c. It was noted that the additional patch of ground identified for burials was not yet consecrated. AM advised that the Bishop would need to consecrate a group but the local vicar can action this grave by grave if necessary.
d. TB advised that he had received a complaint from Mrs Marley regarding damage to a headstone from strimmers. TB advised that a formal complaint should be made to the Parish Clerk for action to be taken.

65.2/17 To agree necessary actions:
a. Due to the anticipated cost a minimum of two quotes would be required for the new fence. It was agreed that KH would make enquiries. It was noted that materials could be provided.
b. Arrangements will be made to ask the Lengthsman to cut the hedge (see 68.1/17).

66/17 Affordable housing:
66.1/17 To receive an update on proposals for affordable housing:
a. Tina Wood, Housing Development Officer at Herefordshire Council has volunteered to come and speak to the Parish Council to help develop the project. It was agreed that the October meeting would be suitable and to start it earlier at 7.30pm.

66.2/17 To consider any necessary actions:
a. TF to liaise with Tina Wood to make the arrangements for her visit.

67/17 Planning applications/decisions:
67.1/17 To comment on planning applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:
a. P172842/AM; Mr & Mrs William Cave_Browne-Cave; Hollybush Cottage, Pencombe; Non-material amendment to planning permission 162976 – amendment to glazing/oak framing arrangement to gable end extension; comments due by 21/08/2017; target determination date 27/08/2017.
b. P172749/XA2; Mr & Mrs Paul & Michelle Strandell; The Old Rectory, Pencombe; Approval of details reserved by condition; target determination date 28/09/2017; N.B Comments not accepted.
c. RESOLVED: There were no comments to be made on either application.

67.2/17 To note planning permissions by Herefordshire Council:
a. There were no planning permissions issued.

67.3/17 To note planning refusals by Herefordshire Council:
a. There were no planning refusals issued.

68/17 Lengthsman scheme:
68.1/17 To consider work to be undertaken:
a. The Lengthsman will be asked to cut the cemetery hedge.

68.2/17 To consider payment of invoices:
a. There were no invoices to be paid.

69/17 To review the August 2017 Information Sheet:
a. There were no items for further discussion.

70/17 Matters raised for discussion at the next meeting:
a. Bus stop maintenance.

71/17 Date of next meeting:
a. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 26th September at 8.00pm.

Being no further business the meeting was closed at 9.50pm.