Minutes – 27th March 2018

Minutes of the Pencombe Group Parish Council meeting held on 27th March 2018 at Pencombe & Little Cowarne Parish Hall, commencing at 8.00pm.

37/18 To receive and consider apologies for absence:

a. Apologies were received from:
• Councillor Bruce Baker [BB]

b. Those present were:
• Councillor Tony Brazier [TB] (Chairman) {9/10}
• Councillor Tony French [TF] (Vice-Chairman) {10/10}
• Councillor Chris Hayes [CH] {9/10}
• Councillor Phil Hope [PH] {8/10}
• Councillor John Barrett [JB] {8/10}
• Councillor Anthony Legge [AL] {6/10}
• Karen Hodges [KH] (Parish Clerk)
• Andrew Mottram [AM] (Member of the public)
• Mo Willcocks [MW] (Member of the public)
• Sue Clark [SC] (Member of the public)
• Colin Hadley [CoH] (Member of the public)

38/18 To receive Declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation:

a. There were none received.

39/18 Open session:

39.1/18 To receive a verbal update from the Ward Councillor:

a. There was no update received.

39.2/18 To receive queries or concerns by local residents on parish matters:

a. There were none received.

40/18 To adopt the minutes of the previous meeting – 27th February 2018:

a. RESOLVED: The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed as being an accurate record of what took place.

41/18 To receive matters arising not on the agenda (for report only):

a. There were none received.

42/18 To receive an update on the action points of the previous meeting:

a. Re: 22/18d: Dog fouling – In progress. KH has contacted Trading Standards for further guidance and is awaiting a response.

b. Re: 22/18f: High visibility waistcoat – Complete. A high visibility waistcoat has been purchased and TB will pass this on to Margaret Simcock as Footpath Officer. KH noted that she will update the website to provide information on the Footpath Officer role and the PROW across the parishes.

c. Re: 22/18g: Cemetery reserved plots – To carry forward. KH is still to contact those who have reserved plots to finalise the paperwork and payments.

d. Re: 22/18h: Declarations of interest form – To carry forward. All forms have now been completed and KH will submit to the Monitoring Officer.

e. Re: 22/18i: Cemetery documentation – In progress. KH provided details of the Exclusive Rights of Burial form and memorial work application form. It was agreed that these could be used and that KH should put the documentation on the website. It was noted that KH is visiting Bromyard Town Council on 29/03/2018 to review the cemetery procedures.

f. Re: 24/18b: Salt/grit request – Complete. KH sent an email to Balfour Beatty requesting further supplies on 27/02/2018.

g. Re: 26/18b: Grass cutting contract 2018 – In progress. KH has spoken with AC Gardening Services and is waiting for Adrian to visit to sign the contract and provide insurance details. Provisional dates have been agreed of w/c 26/03, 30/04, 11/06, 23/07, 03/09, 15/10.

h. Re: 27/18b.iv: Archived parish hall file – In progress. KH has visited HARC but the files could not be found. KH to arrange a meeting with the relevant person to explore further.

i. Re: 27/18b.viii: Parish hall working document – To carry forward. See 45/18.

k. Re: 30/18b: Locality Steward parish tour – Complete. See 48/18.

l. Re: 32.1/18b: Lengthsman Scheme annual maintenance plan 2018/19 – Complete. This was submitted by the deadline.

m. Re: 32.3/18c: Lengthsman Scheme 2017/18 expected expenditure – Complete. This was submitted by the deadline.

43/18 Finance:

43.1/18 HSBC bank balances & spend against budget:

a. Community a/c (as at 18/03/2018) = £1984.35.

b. Business Money Manager a/c (as at 18/03/2018) = £13334.92

c. KH presented the actual spend against budget. There are no additional concerns further to what has previously been discussed.

43.2/18 To note income received/due:

a. No income has been received.

b. It was noted that the precept of £12000 has been agreed. This will be paid on 20/04/2018 and 21/09/2018. The basic band D tax rate is £62.36, which is an increase of 8.98% from 2017/18.

43.3/18 To consider payments due:

a. HALC = £390.36 for the 2018/19 membership year. It was noted that if paid before 31/03/2018 Councillors would be entitled to two free training courses.

b. KR Hodges = £1774.56 for wages from 01/06/2017 – 31/03/2018 and use of home, as per the employment contract.

c. HMRC = £418.60 for tax and national insurance contributions for 01/06/02017 – 31/03/2018.

d. KR Hodges (Corporate Togs Group Ltd) = £4.99 for the high visibility waistcoat.

e. S J Hodges Agri Services = £33.60 for 2017/18 printing charges (see 49.6/17).

f. Herefordshire Council = £200.89 for cemetery fees to be paid over 4 instalments starting 01/04/2018. This is an increase of £20 from 2017.

g. RESOLVED: It was agreed for all payments to be made.

h. It was noted that paying the above will leave the community account in deficit so it was agreed to transfer £2500 from the Business Money Manager account. This will reduce the reserve to £10834.92. It was noted that the recommendation is to maintain a general reserve of 50% of the agreed precept.

44/18 To consider further action following the bad weather response:

a. A discussion was held regarding how local farmers/residents could be recognised for the efforts made in keeping the parishes accessible during the recent bad weather.

b. It was noted that Balfour Beatty had provided an update on local services: “It would be at the discretion of the parish council whether they choose to use parish funds towards payment for the volunteers undertaking the snow clearance and would be a private arrangement between the parishes and those contractors.”

c. TB suggested that a donation should be made to three local charities (St Michael’s Hospice, County Air Ambulance & the Matthew Davies Leukaemia Fund) in lieu of payment. Following a discussion regarding the financial stability of the parish funds it was agreed that residents should be offered the opportunity to donate to the charities with the Council administering this. Collection pots would be placed in Pencombe Post Office, the Wheelwrights Arms and the Three Horseshoes Inn and KH would also collect donations.

d. KH has put thank-you notices on the notice boards, website and in the parish magazine. It was agreed that letters would also be written to those that helped and a list of names was taken to ensure as many people were covered as possible. It was noted that the letter should ask for individuals to thank anyone who may have helped them to ensure that no-one was missed.

e. There was a discussion regarding who our Balfour Beatty local contractor is to try and establish a communication channel for future episodes.
ACTION: KH to contact Balfour Beatty

f. Clearance of the road network across the parishes was discussed. It was agreed that during each summer there should be an agenda item to agree a winter plan to ensure that there is an agreed approach to this.

45/18 To receive an update following the Pencombe & Little Cowarne Parish Hall Committee of Management [CoM] meeting and agree next meeting attendance:

a. The CoM were very pleased to have a representative at their last meeting. It was noted that copies of the minutes of previous meetings are available in the small committee room at the parish hall.

b. It was noted that the proposal from the previous meeting (see 27/17b.i) that the CoM maintain the interior of the hall and the Parish Council maintain the exterior is not supported by the CoM. It was agreed that further guidance on how the hall should be maintained needed to be sought so this can be included in the working document.

c. Quotes for the work on the roof are still being collected.

d. A professional catering company has been used, at a cost of £900 to provide a quote for the kitchen refurbishment and this is on display in the parish hall.

e. SC and MW are standing down as members of the CoM so there are vacancies for a Treasurer, Secretary and Booking Secretary.

f. The date of the next meeting is 16/05/2018. Attendance will be agreed at the next meeting.

46/18 To review fixed asset maintenance:

a. The fixed asset register was reviewed to ensure that all fixed assets were accurately listed.

b RESOLVED & ACTION: It was agreed that KH will update the register and formalise a maintenance plan for review.

c. It was noted that there is a grant available for work on war memorials. There had previously been discussions regarding getting the names on the memorial coloured in but had not been actioned due to the cost.

d. ACTION: KH to explore cost with Steve Allard & Son to see if a grant could be received.

47/18 To consider the impact of agricultural machinery travelling through the villages during peak seasons:

a. KH noted that this would be a police issue if causing problems.

b. KH shared an email which had been received regarding village gateway signage for consideration.

c. RESOLVED: It was agreed that no action should be taken at this time but to consider again at peak season.

48/18 To agree ‘problem list’ for Locality Steward parish tour:

a. The parish tour will take place on 05/04/2018 with TB and KH.

b. Issues were discussed and a ‘problem list’ was created which KH will share with the Locality Steward prior to the tour.

49/18 To consider action for Parish Clerk recruitment:

a. TB advised that KH had handed in her resignation as Parish Clerk due to personal circumstances. KH will work her notice period until 27/04/2018 but will continue in the role for as long as possible until a replacement is found to ensure a smooth handover.

b. KH provided details of recruitment options and costs.

c RESOLVED & ACTION: It was agreed that KH will advertise the job vacancy on the website, ask HALC to advertise on their website, and email local Parish Clerks to see if there is any interest.

50/18 To consider request for financial support from individual Ledbury Town Councillor towards the personal costs of a judicial review in relation to conduct investigation

a. Correspondence has been received from a Ledbury Town Councillor seeking financial support towards a judicial review. Further detail is available from KH if required.

51/18 To consider offer of Heartstart training events

a. Heartstart has offered to provide training events in the area. It was agreed that this should be explored further to get more detail.


52/18 To receive an update following the A465 meeting with Safer Roads Partnership, Police & Stoke Lacy Parish Council

a. TF attended a meeting regarding the A465 following the issued raised with the C1117 junction.

b. It was noted that there is not enough evidence for action to be taken at the C1117/A465 junction by Balfour Beatty however speed enforcement action is being recommended.

53/18 Planning applications/decisions:

53.1/18 To comment on planning applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:

a. P174792/L – Listed Building Consent; Miss Rebecca Matthews; The Cartshed, Little Cowarne; Proposed erection of 5m x 3m open fronted woodshed and bin store, attached to main dwelling; consultation end date 12/04/2018; target determination date 10/05/2018

b. P174791/FH – Full Householder; Miss Rebecca Matthews; The Cartshed, Little Cowarne; Proposed erection of woodshed and bin store, attached to main dwelling; consultation end date 12/04/2018; target determination date 10/05/2018

c. P180643/L – Listed Building Consent; Mr Christopher Craven; Three Elms, Little Cowarne; Replacement of existing timber windows throughout the property with new timber windows of the same style; consultation end date 05/04/2018; target determination date 16/04/2018

d. P180516/U Certificate of Lawfulness (CLEUD); Mr & Mrs Davies; Hillcrest, Little Cowarne; Certificate of lawfulness for existing use as a residential dwelling without complying with agricultural occupancy conditions on previous permissions; target determination date 04/04/2018 (comments not being accepted)

e. P180218/F Planning Permission; Mr Brent Thomas; New House Farm, Pencombe; Proposed variation of condition 1 of planning permission 170045 to omit floor plans drawing reference 1912-4; consultation end date 23/02/2018 (comments now closed); target determination date 21/03/2018

f. P174672/L Listed Building Consent; Mr Owen Thomas; R D Chesters Ltd, Hennerwood, Pencombe; Proposed removal of cement render, repair to oak framing and installation of lime rendered insulated panels to original walls and internal alterations; consultation end date 28/03/2018; target determination date 07/02/2018

g. P173369/F – Planning Permission; Mr Graham Thomas; Land at Sparrington Farm, Pencombe; Proposed erection of a farm worker’s dwelling; consultation end date 11/10/2017 (comments now closed); target determination date 01/11/2017

h. RESOLVED: There were no comments to be made on the applications.

53.2/18 To note planning permissions by Herefordshire Council:

a. There were no planning permissions issued.

53.3/18 To note planning refusals by Herefordshire Council:

a. There were no planning refusals issued.

54/18 Lengthsman scheme:

54.1/18 To consider work to be undertaken:

a. MW raised an issue with the drainage by Little Cowarne church. TB will take this forward.

54.2/18 To consider payment of invoices

a. Cemetery fence renewal = £300.00

b. RESOLVED: It was agreed for the payment to be made.

c. It was noted that there will be further snow clearing invoices to be paid due to the recent bad weather.

55/18 To review the March 2018 Information Sheet:

a. The Balfour Beatty parish briefings were noted.

56/18 To agree content for Parish magazine contribution:

a. The content for the May edition should include:
• Bad weather response donations
• Parish clerk recruitment
• Footpath Officer

57/18 Matters raised for discussion at the next meeting:

a. There were none identified.

58/18 Date of next meeting:

a. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 24th April 2018 at 8.00pm.

Being no further business the meeting was closed at 10.10pm.