Minutes – 28th February 2017

Minutes of The Parish Council Meeting Held on
Tuesday 28th February 2017 in Pencombe Village Hall

Councillors W.A. Brazier (Chairman), A French (Vice Chairman), J Barrett, P Hope, Mrs C Hayes, , B Baker.

1. Chairman’s Welcome
The Chairman opened the meeting and thanked everyone present for

2. Apologies for Absence
Anthony Legge

3. Declaration of Interests/Applications for Dispensation
None received.

4. Approve Minutes of the Group Parish Council Meeting held on 24th January 2017
Approved & Signed.

5. Matters Arising

6. District Councillors’ Reports
Refugees, not all turned up, few more coming, looking for old television sets.
Budget Herefordshire Council, £145m total budget, £93m Council tax, the rest Grants. £72m spent on Adult & Social Care.
Need to attract more Business to Hereford for Business Rates, got infrastructure but roads bad
Boundary Commission may lose North Herefordshire. MP poss Worcs & Shropshire
Car Park changes. Park & ride not used last Christmas.
Wye Valley Trust out of best measures, Hereford best county for care services.
Fast Broad band by 2018.
University still on the cards.
City Link Road still on track.
Free Electric Charging points to be charged as people parking all day when vehicle charging only takes 2 hours.

7. Financial Report
7.1 HSBC Bank Balances to date
Balances as at 22nd Mar 2017

  • Business Money Manager Account: £3080.80
  • Community Account: £9684.51

7.2 Monies received
£110 HH Handley

7.3 Payments made since last meeting:
£1311.01 Loan

8. Clerk’s Report & Update
Potholes C1114 & C1117. Mentioned to Bruce Baker, Ward Councillor as so bad and if road to be closed into Pencombe these should be looked at and repaired before closure.
Karen Hodges is to work with me ftb in view of taking over the role as Clerk. I will look to get involved with the Neighbourhood Plan.

9. Consideration of Planning Matters
Brooklands, Little Cowarne.
Replace old rotten bay windows with new ones.

10. Lengthsman Scheme/New Lengthsman Scheme
Work to be done so we can claim the remaining £418 from last year.
Figures discussed to go onto claim form for 17/18

11. Affordable Housing
No information.

12. Any Other Business
Adrian Hope Tree Surgeon to visit.
Grass Cutting decision to be made.
Agreement to get War Memorial Cleaned.
Mud outside Little Cowarne Church to be addressed.

13. Date of Next Meeting
25th April 2017

Meeting ended 9.20