Minutes – 28th March 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting Held on
Tuesday 28th March 2017 in Pencombe Village Hall

Councillors W.A. Brazier (Chairman), A French (Vice Chairman), J Barrett, Mrs C Hayes, B Baker.

1. Chairman’s Welcome
The Chairman opened the meeting and thanked everyone present for attending.

2. Apologies for Absence
Anthony Legge & Phil Hope.

3. Declaration of Interests/Applications for Dispensation
None received.

4. Approve Minutes of the Group Parish Council Meeting held on 28th February 2017
Approved & Signed.

5. Matters Arising
a. 12 – In addition to the war memorial being cleaned the names will also be re-done to improve their visibility.
b. 12 – The work around Little Cowarne Church has been completed as is very much
c. 10 – The Little Cowarne work has been completed.
d. 8 – The Chairman thanked Bruce Baker for getting the potholes sorted. There was a brief discussion about the potholes which remained.
e. 12 – Parallel Lines have been awarded the grass cutting contract.

6. District Councillors’ Reports
a. The Bredenbury Parish Clerk will be standing down and a replacement is being sought.
b. There has been discussion about the proposed cycle ride going through Bromyard in September 2017. The Council have not yet agreed for the road to be closed. Discussions are ongoing.
c. Funds for the university have been granted.
d. There is likely to be improved employment prospects through cyber security specialist expansion in Hereford.
e. Hereford bypass has been given priority in Midlands Connect. The Southern Link Road is the first part.
f. There are problems with phosphates entering rivers, particularly the Wye & Lugg. The Environment Agency & NFU are looking into this.
g. It is anticipated that in 2020 there will be a big problem as guaranteed revenue will finish. There will be a gap of £6m.
h. The bus station will be moved to the City Link road in October 2017. Land at the current bus station will be available for development.
i. The sale of 35 council small headings is proceeding. There have been three changes of tenants.
j. Due to the proposed changes in boundaries we may lose Bill Wiggins as a counsellor. Talks are ongoing with the Boundary Commission.
k. It was noted that the District Councillor should attend at least two parish council meetings in twelve months.
l. There is a revised Code of Conduct which should be checked as it includes new roles.
m. Monies received via the Lengthsman Service may be replaced by the Precept.
n. There was a discussion about who pays the lengthsman monies, particularly where farmers may be clearing ditches for parish councils, noting that they cannot work on the road.
o. The Locality Stewards System has broken down. There is an advertisement for someone to take on this area.
p. The Council currently spend £6m per annum on the roads. They would need to spend £90m to improve the roads. They need at least £9m per annum to keep the roads in a good state.

7. Financial Report
7.1 HSBC Bank Balances to date (as at February 2017)
a. Business Money Manager Account: £3080.49
b. Community Account: £11304.76

7.2 Monies received
a. None

7.3 Payments made since last meeting
a. I Pardoe – £300.00
b. Newsquest (grass cutting add) – £116.64

8. Clerk’s Report & Update
a. Adrian Hope Tree Services has been to inspect the beech tree between the school and the church, at a cost of £150.00. He has suggested an ongoing three year tree inspection and will look at what needs doing.
b. Steve Allard will come and complete the war memorial work on a nice day.
c. Information regarding lottery funding for the proposed work to the kitchen in the village hall has been forwarded to Sue Clarke (Village Hall Committee). The last loan payment will be due in March 2018.
d. Karen Hodges has spent some time learning the ropes of the Parish Clerk role. She sent apologies for not being at the meeting. A new email address has been created for the parish council.
e. Rowena and Carol Jinks will continue to look at the Neighbourhood Plan together, health depending.

9. Consideration of Planning Matters
a. Brooklands, Little Cowarne – replace old rotten bay windows with new ones. There were no objections to this.

10. Lengthsman Scheme/New Lengthsman Scheme
a. Confirmation has been received of the receipt of the 2017/18 plan.

11. Affordable Housing
a. There was no information available.

12. Any Other Business
a. It was noted that Edward Abell, a previous Chairman of the Pencombe Group Parish Council, had recently passed away. Condolences were sent to Edward’s family.

13. Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 25th April 2017, 8.00pm at Pencombe & Little Cowarne Village Hall.

Being no further business the meeting was closed at 9.20pm.