Neighbourhood Development Plan

Following a very successful workshop held on 11 January 2022 we have now received the results of that workshop back from Louise Kirkup, our planning consultant. So we now have a first draft vision, objectives and themes.  Here is a link to that document which you are welcome to down load and decide whether any changes are necessary. 

Vision, Objectives and Key Themes – First Draft 17.01.21

We shall then hold a further steering group meeting (open to all residents), probably on Monday 21st February 2022 in the Parish Hall, to discuss and agree any changes.  Once completed we will then have an agreed draft document which will be an important part of our draft NDP.


The Localism Act has reformed the planning system to give local people new rights to shape the development of the communities in which they live.  A Neighbourhood Development Plan [NDP] will be produced by the local community and will set out how local people want their parishes to develop in the future.

This is an important document to have because it will allow local people to decide:

  • The future shape and nature of our two parishes.
  • The extent of housing development to meet our needs and also to decide where it should go.
  • Appropriate design, quality and style of future developments.
  • How we will protect our landscape and environment.
  • Ways in which local businesses, employment provision and local facilities and services will be supported.

Pencombe Group Parish Council has already established the neighbourhood area and is now keen to move towards producing an NDP to cover Pencombe and Little Cowarne.  To achieve this goal, the Parish Council now intends to undertake the following:

Setting up a Steering Group

The Steering Group will be made up of designated Parish Councillors and members of the local community.  It is important that as many local people are engaged with the development of the NDP right from the start.

Informing the residents

The Parish Council together with the Steering Group will hold a ‘drop-in event’ in Pencombe & Little Cowarne Parish Hall at the start of the project.  The purpose of the event is to:

  • Share more information about the NDP.
  • Provide a snap-shot of our parishes as they are now.
  • Gather residents’ views about their parish.
  • Set out how you could become involved.

If you are interested in volunteering to assist in the production of the NDP for this parish, please contact the Parish Clerk here.