Minutes – 25th September 2018

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Pencombe Group Parish Council held on Tuesday 25th September 2018 held Pencombe & Little Cowarne Parish Hall at 7.30pm

Councillors Present

  • Cllr Tony Brazier (Chairman)
  • Cllr John Barrett
  • Cllr Tony French
  • Cllr Chris Hayes
  • Cllr Phil Hope

In Attendance

  • Cllr Bruce Baker (Ward Councillor)
  • Tony Ford – Temporary Clerk
  • Members of the Public – 3

141/18 To receive and consider apologies for absence

There were no apologies for absence.

142/18 To receive, approve and sign minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 28th August 2018

The minutes were signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meeting.

143/18 Disclosable Pecuniary interest Dispensations

There were no requests for dispensations.

144/18 Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interests.

145/18 Report from the Clerk on Actions from previous meetings 

The Parish Council noted the update (Appendix 1 refers).

146/18 Open Session

146.1/18 To receive a verbal update from the Ward Councillor

Cllr Bruce Baker informed the Parish Council

  • That with regards to the digger doing the fibre cables there is a number on the contact number on notice boards to contact them direct if there are any issues. 
  • Snow Clearance – Trying to find out who at Balfour Beatty deals with it and will circulate to the Parish Council. 
  • Ofsted – Looked at Children Services and found Herefordshire Council to be ‘lacking’, this was mainly due to the shortage of Social Workers at Herefordshire Council. Details of Inspection on the Councils Website. 
  • As part of their review a House of Lords Select Committee visited the county to look at how Herefordshire Council worked with business. 
  • The 95 Syrian Refugees supported by Herefordshire Council have now settled in, working and contributing. 
  • It has been identified that the way Herefordshire Council communicates needs improving, there will now be a new quarterly publication called ‘Herefordshire Now’ for the first edition there will be 5000 copies which will be distributed to local churches and libraries. It will also be available online. Advertising will be allowed. 
  • Parish Council Summit on 17th October now open to all Councillors. 
  • There is a restructuring of departments at Herefordshire Council 
  • Councillors will be returning to the Shire Hall.
  • Council budget on track for the current year, however next year could be difficult. 
  • Code Of Conduct – important that Councillors comply with the code and highlighted the case of Ledbury Town Council.

146.2/18 To receive queries/concerns by local residents on parish matters

  • Parishioners thanked Cllr Bruce Baker for getting the water leak sorted, which has now stopped. 
  • A Parishioner raised a query regarding the entrance opposite the Coach House, in relation to maintaining the bridleway in particular the damaged cattle grid.

Action: Acting Clerk to liaise with Colin Smith (Locality Steward) to see who should do the repairs.

147/18 Finance:

147.1/18 HSBC bank balances

  • Community Account £ 1,607.56
  • Business Money Manager Account £15,439.58

147.2/18 Spend against Budget

The Parish Council noted the update (Appendix 2 refers).

147.3/18 To note income received/due:

  1. Phil Hope – £60.00 for cemetery field rent

148.4/18 To consider payments due:

There were no payments to be considered.

148/18 Public Spaces Protection Order for Dog Control – To receive an update and agree the way forward:

The Acting Clerk gave a summary of the order covering 

  • Fouling of Land by dogs 
  • Dogs on Lead 
  • Dogs on Lead by Direction 
  • Dog Exclusions

The Parish Council noted the update

Action: Temporary Clerk to bring an example of ‘dog fouling signs’ to the next meeting

149/18 Maintenance and repair of War Memorials – To consider correspondence from Herefordshire Council

As the War Memorial had just been recut and repaired no action was required and the correspondence noted.

150/18 Pothole Repairs and Other Public Realm Services – To consider correspondence from Herefordshire Council requesting comment from Parish Councils on service.

A brief discussion took place and it agreed that the following comment would be made

  1. The use of the filling machine in the past was good and potholes filled in were still ok.
  2. More use of the pothole filling machine, with machine operators having more discretion to fill potholes as necessary.

Action: Acting Clerk to inform Herefordshire Council of the comments made

151/18 Remembrance Wreath

The Parish Council considered and approved the purchase of a Remembrance Wreath from Bromyard British Legion and the raising of a cheque for £25.00 made payable to Poppy Appeal RBL.

152/18 Community Housing Fund

The Parish Council was informed that the previous Clerk had chased Herefordshire Council on progress, and there was nothing to report.

153/18 Herefordshire Centre for Community Led Housing

The Parish Council noted the overview.

154/18 Parish Hall

The Parish Council considered and noted the Parish Hall Report (Appendix 3 refers), it was also noted that the roof might not be as bad as previously thought. And the possibility of having new Facia boards. Mention was also made of the availability of a lottery grant in the sum of £10,000 which the Village Management Committee would pursue.

155/18 Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Parish Council was informed that a call had been made for volunteers for the steering group and it was agreed that the email received would be passed to the Steering group.

Action: Cllr Chris Hayes to pass email to the steering group Chair.

156/18 Defibrillator

The Parish Council was informed that Heartstart have a planned training session at the Village Hall on Wednesday 14th November to run 7-9pm, they are organising the posters, which they will place around the parish.

The Parish Council also noted that regarding the request for a defibrillator for Little Cowarne a paper would be submitted to the Parish Council for consideration

Action: Acting Clerk to liaise with Heartstart to see what action is needed to ensure that the pads on the Defibrillator at the Village Hall are operationally up to date.

157/18 Pencombe Cemetery

The Parish Council considered the request for an Inscription of existing Memorial (John James Simcock). Having considered the matter the parish Council approved the proposed inscription.

Action: Acting Clerk was authorised to inform N.C.Pegler of the Parish Councils decision.

158/18 Items for Information

  • Locality Steward Briefing (Noted) 
  • Mortimer’s Cross Battlefield Project Update Autumn 2018 (Noted) 
  • European Social Fund (ESF) Opportunities for Herefordshire (Noted)

159/18 Matters relayed to the Clerk for the Agenda of the next meting 

  • Defibrillator 
  • Purchase of dog fouling signs

160/18 Parish Clerk /Responsible Finance Officer Recruitment

The Parish Council noted the update.

161/18 Date of next meeting – Tuesday 23rd October 2018

The meeting closed at 8.57pm.