Minutes – 24th January 2017

Minutes of The Parish Council Meeting Held on
Tuesday 24 January 2017 in Pencombe Village Hall

Councillors W.A. Brazier (Chairman), A French (Vice Chairman), J Barrett, P Hope, Mrs C Hayes, A Legge, B Baker.

In Attendance:
Tim Maynard

1. Chairman’s Welcome
The Chairman opened the meeting and thanked everyone present for

2. Apologies for Absence
Row Hatfield – clerk

3. Declaration of Interests/Applications for Dispensation
None received.

4. Approve Minutes of the Group Parish Council Meeting held on 22 November 16
Approved & Signed.

5. Matters Arising
Discussion with Brent Thomas about discharge of water into the road and then into the square was unsuccessful.

6. District Councillors’ Reports
First group of 30 refugees have arrived in Hereford and have been placed in Leominster and Hereford in privately rented accommodation subsidised by charity. Another 30 are scheduled to arrive in March.
Donna has been replaced by James Howells as our Neighbourhood Locality Officer with Balfour Beatty.
Herefordshire Local council has to make large savings by 2020. Support from central government will gradually disappear and they will have to rely on Council Tax and Business rates for their income.
Council Tax is to be set on 3rd February. There is likely to be a rise of 1.9% plus an extra 2% to fund Adult Social Care and Children’s Services.
Hereford Link Road is set to open in October 2017 and the Hereford bypass will still go ahead despite the loss of some funding for consultation.
Tony Brazier asked about the cost of hospital parking.
Bruce Baker left at 8.03pm.

7. Financial Report
7.1 HSBC Bank Balances to date
Balances as at 22nd December 2016

  • Business Money Manager Account: £3080.49
  • Community Account: £11304.76

7.2 Monies received

7.3 Payments made since last meeting:

Agreement to pay Ian Pardoe for work around the village.

8. Clerk’s Report & Update
Conversation with a relative about the state of the cemetery. Request about inscription on headstone for John Thomas which will read ‘in Loving memory of John Reginald Thomas of Stewards Hyde. Loving Husband, Dad and Grandad. Passed away 20 October 2015 Aged 88 years’

9. Consideration of Planning Matters
Rams Corner – email to planners over resident’s concern about passing places in the lane.

10. Lengthsman Scheme/New Lengthsman Scheme
Annual plan form needs to be done by 28 February 2017.

11. Affordable Housing
No information.

12. Any Other Business
Chris Watkins is giving up grass cutting. It will need to be advertised in Hereford Times and Parish Magazine.
Tim Maynard agreed to talk to Carol Jinks about the neighbourhood Plan.
Tony French will think about being our Neighbourhood Watch contact for Pencombe as well as Little Cowarne.

13. Date of Next Meeting

Meeting ended 8.25