Minutes – 27th February 2018

Minutes of the Pencombe Group Parish Council meeting held on 27th February 2018 at Pencombe & Little Cowarne Parish Hall, commencing at 7.30pm.

17/18 To receive and consider apologies for absence:

a. There were no apologies received.

b. Those present were:
• Councillor Tony Brazier [TB] (Chairman) {8/9}
• Councillor Tony French [TF] (Vice-Chairman) {9/9}
• Councillor Chris Hayes [CH] {8/9}
• Councillor Phil Hope [PH] {7/9}
• Councillor John Barrett [JB] {7/9}
• Councillor Anthony Legge [AL] {5/9}
• Councillor Bruce Baker [BB] • Karen Hodges [KH] (Parish Clerk)
• Andrew Mottram [AM] (Member of the public)
• Pete James [PJ] (Member of the public)

18/18 To receive Declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation:

a. There were none received.

19/18 Open session:

19.1/18 To receive a verbal update from the Ward Councillor:

a. BB provided an update from the Scrutiny Committee for the Balfour Beatty response to the bad weather. It was noted that Parish Councils were requesting salt/grit to be able to assist in the response and this was being considered.

b. The Herefordshire Conservative leader, Councillor Tony Johnson, is standing down on 9th March 2018. He will remain as a ward councillor. Councillor Jonathan Lester has been appointed as the new Conservative leader. The new Head of Herefordshire Council will be appointed on 9th March 2018.

c. BB is proposing a motion with regard to implementing enforcement action on vehicles parking on grass verges and creating damage long-term. Currently there is no reasonable action which can be taken in these circumstances.

d. Herefordshire Council’s number one priority remains as safeguarding.

e. The ‘Poppies: Weeping Window’ sculpture will be on display at Herefordshire Cathedral from 14th March – 29th April 2018.

f. Hereford University is continuing to progress at pace. It will predominantly be an engineering university. It Is anticipated that in five years’ time there will be 1000 students, will bring £120m per year into the local economy, and that 10-30% of graduates will remain in the area if jobs are available.

g. The Hereford Bypass consultation remains open until 20th March 2018.

19.2/18 To receive queries or concerns by local residents on parish matters:

a. There were none received.

BB left the meeting at this point.

20/18 To adopt the minutes of the previous meeting – 23rd January 2018:

a. RESOLVED: The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed as being an accurate record of what took place.

21/18 To receive matters arising not on the agenda (for report only):

a. There were none received.

22/18 To receive an update on the action points of the previous meeting:

a. Re: 03.12/18a: Overgrown hedge at New House Farm (KH) – Complete. KH spoke to Brent Thomas and he confirmed he is waiting for his contractor to cut the hedge. Since the discussion the hedge has been cut.

b. Re: 06/18a: River Lodon footpath bridge (KH) – Complete. TB and KH met with the Locality Steward on 15th February 2018 to survey the bridge. Following the meeting he spoke to the PROW team and advised that the footpath (and bridge) was closed on 7th April 2016 due to the state of the bridge. There would have been notices put out at road access points to the footpath. This closure currently lasts to 7th October 2018 but is likely to be extended further as there is no prospect of the bridge being repaired any time soon. The Locality Steward has obtained new notices and put these out. It was noted that there was no reference to this in meeting minutes at the time of closure.

c. Re: 06/18c: Parking on common ground (KH) – Complete. KH confirmed that this is not an issue for Balfour Beatty and that it would need to be raised with the Police via the Safer Neighbourhood Team. It was agreed that this was not currently an issue but appropriate action would be taken in the future if necessary.

d. Re: 120/17e Dog fouling – Complete. TB has arranged for further poo bags to be purchased and these have been placed in Pencombe churchyard and the Causeway. Jon Eastham has made a suitable stand for the posters in the churchyard and will also create stands for the Causeway. It was noted that dog fouling is still an issue and it was agreed that Trading Standards should be approached again regarding this.

e. Re: 06/18e Cemetery fence – Complete. TB and PH have repaired the cemetery fence.

f. Re: 06/18f High visibility waistcoats – To carry forward. TB confirmed that Mrs Margaret Simcox had agreed to be the Footpath Officer. This was proposed by CH and seconded by PH. KH will order a high visibility waistcoat for her.

g. Re: 06/18g Cemetery reserved plots – To carry forward. KH is still to contact those who have reserved plots to finalise the paperwork and payments.

h. Re: 06/18m Declarations of interest form – To carry forward. KH will continue to collect the forms from Councillors to submit to the Monitoring Officer.

i. Re: 06/18n Cemetery documentation – To carry forward. KH is still to complete the outstanding documentation.

j. Re: 06/18p: Community housing – Complete. A meeting was held on 6th February 2018.

k. Re: 10/18c: Response to Parish Hall correspondence (KH) – Complete. Letter sent 21st February 2018. See 27/18.

l. Re: 13.1/18b: Lengthsman Scheme 2018/19 (KH) – Complete. KH submitted the expression of interest by the deadline.

m. Re: 13.2/18a: Lengthsman Scheme work (TB) – Complete. TB has discussed the gully clearing with the Lengthsman and this will be actioned before 31st March 2018.

n. Re: 13.3/18c: Lengthsman Scheme expenditure (KH) – See 32.3/18.

23/18 Finance:

23.1/18 HSBC bank balances & spend against budget:

a. Community a/c (as at 23/02/2018) = £1545.39.

b. Business Money Manager a/c (as at 23/02/2018) = £15082.29

c. RESOLVED: It was agreed that funds should be transferred to keep the community a/c at £2000.

d. KH presented the actual spend against budget to date. There are no additional concerns further to what has previously been discussed.

23.2/18 To note income received/due:

a. No income has been received.

23.3/18 To consider payments due:

a. PWLB = £1311.04 for the final repayment for the Parish Hall loan.

b. Carol Jinks = £29.97 for the supply of poo bags.

c. RESOLVED: It was agreed for all payments to be made.

d. (Re: 07.3/18d) It was noted that KH has not yet been paid any salary. Access to the PAYE online system has been granted and KH is joining HMRC webinars for training.

24/18 To receive an update following the Balfour Beatty response to the winter concerns letter:

a. The previously circulated response was discussed. It was noted that one tonne of salt had been delivered in bags but that due to the current weather this had already been used.

b. ACTION: KH to contact Balfour Beatty to request further salt/grit.

c. Any further concerns regarding snow clearance must be evidenced with photographs for action to be taken.

25/18 To receive an update on the Cotswold House overgrown hedge action:

a. The Locality Steward has visited the resident of Cotswold House and he has agreed to cut back the hedge within the next two weeks.

26/18 To consider the grass cutting 2018 contract tenders:

a. KH circulated a summary of the tenders received and a discussion followed.

b. RESOLVED & ACTION: It was agreed to award the contract to AC Gardening Services. KH to confirm with all those who submitted a tender and to get dates agreed and a contract signed.

27/18 To consider Pencombe & Little Cowarne Parish Hall maintenance:

a. KH read out the response received from the Pencombe & Little Cowarne Parish Hall Committee of Management and a discussion followed.

b. The following was agreed:
i. The general principle re financing will be that the Committee of Management will maintain the interior of the hall, whilst the Parish Council will maintain the exterior of the hall. The Committee of Management however will be responsible for identifying any maintenance requirements for the hall and communicating accordingly.
ii. It would be sensible to elect a maintenance man who would regularly inspect the hall to identify (and complete) any maintenance issues for early resolution.
iii. The problem identified with the roof will incur a significant cost. It is a Redland roof which wasn’t fitted correctly when the hall was built. There are problems at the edges where the roof sits on the mortar and will involve specialist work to repair. Three quotes are required due to the anticipated cost and AM will source these.
iv. A query was raised about an insurance policy which may have been taken out when the hall was built and may cover the roof. No supporting documents could be found for this but KH noted there was a parish hall file at Hereford Archives which may contain information. The file should be collected for review.
v. The fence in front of the hall needs replacing and it was agreed to get Steve Edwards to quote for this.
vi. Other minor issues which need repair are the waste pipe from the Post Office room and the emergency exit fencing rails.
vii. Communication between the Parish Council and the Committee of Management is critical. The Parish Council will share attendance at the monthly Parish Hall meetings. KH will ensure attendance at each meeting. TF will attend the next meeting on 14/03/2018.
viii. KH will work with the Committee of Management to create a working document which sets out the process of how the two organisations work together to maximise their effectiveness and make best use of their collective resources and expertise.

28/18 To review fixed asset maintenance:

a. This item was deferred to the next meeting.

29/18 To consider the impact of agricultural machinery travelling through the villages during peak seasons:

a. This item was deferred to the next meeting.

30/18 To agree a date for Locality Steward parish tour:

a. It was agreed that TB and KH should attend the parish tour.

b. ACTION: KH to agree a date with the Locality Steward.

31/18 Planning applications/decisions:

31.1/18 To comment on planning applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:

a. P180218/F; Mr Brent Thomas; New House Farm, Pencombe; Proposed variation of condition 1 of planning permission 170045 to omit floor plans drawing reference 1912-4; consultation end date 23/02/2018; target determination date 15/03/2018

b. P174672/L; Mr Owen Thomas; R D Chesters Ltd, Hennerwood, Pencombe; Proposed removal of cement render, repair to oak framing and installation of lime rendered insulated panels to original walls and internal alterations; consultation end date 01/02/2018; target determination date 07/02/2018.

c. P173369/F; Mr Graham Thomas; Land at Sparrington Farm, Pencombe; Proposed erection of a farm worker’s dwelling; consultation end date 11/10/2017 (comments now closed); target determination date 01/11/2017.

d. RESOLVED: There were no comments to be made on the applications.

31.2/18 To note planning permissions by Herefordshire Council:

a. There were no planning permissions issued.

31.3/18 To note planning refusals by Herefordshire Council:

a. There were no planning refusals issued.

32/18 Lengthsman scheme:

32.1/18 To consider annual maintenance plan for 2018/19:

a. The previously circulated annual maintenance plan for 2018/19 was discussed. It was noted that the works were of a general nature, rather than any specific projects being completed.

b. RESOLVED & ACTION: The plan was agreed. KH to submit the plan by 28th February 2018.

32.2/18 To consider work to be undertaken:

a. Due to the predicted weather there will be some bad weather response work to be completed.

32.3/18 To consider payment of invoices and provision of expected expenditure for 2017/18

a. There were no invoices to be paid.

b. KH presented the schedule of works for 2017/18. The following were agreed to be added for completion prior to 31st March 2018:
• Salt spreading – £200
• Cemetery fence repair – £200
• Renewal of fence and removal of overgrown trees on Pencombe Causeway – £200
• Gully clearing – £600

c. ACTION: KH to submit this by 28th February 2018.

33/18 To review the February 2018 Information Sheet:

a. The Balfour Beatty parish briefings were noted. PJ agreed to attend on behalf of the Council and report back.

34/18 Matters raised for discussion at the next meeting:

a. There were none identified.

34/18 To agree content for Parish magazine contribution:

a. KH highlighted the contribution Bredenbury Parish Council’s new chairman had been making and it was agreed that this was useful. It was agreed that KH would draft a monthly report for inclusion.

b. The content for the April edition should include:
• Winter maintenance action
• Website
• Lengthsman scheme action
• Dog fouling

35/18 Date of next meeting:

a. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 27th March 2018 at 8.00pm.