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  1. I am wondering what action is proposed or being taken to support village residents in the light of the current coronavirus emergency? Many residents here will be in the older, advised-to-stay-at-home group although all of us will have our own challenges to face which will undoubtedly present many difficulties and I would like to think we could all support and help each other even though we will need to be watching out for our own health. Statutory support services could become overwhelmed, so it seems very likely it will rest with local communities to do many of these things: shopping, collecting medication and friendly phone contact to check wellbeing and prevent isolation come to mind but there could be many other possible needs. Perhaps this site or one linked to it could itself be a vehicle for communication linking volunteer help with needs, as well as providing general contact for a friendly chat, both of which may help lighten the days ahead.
    Do you agree that we should find ways to pull together, and how could this be done while looking after our personal health? We for one household, although we do have health needs of our own, wish to extend any help we can safely offer to our neighbours.


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